About Us

Butterfly was created by Glenn and Susan Leverett in the summer of 2020. A year which will become etched in history for the Global Coronavirus Pandemic which swept the world causing untold economic damage and the loss of many lives.

Against the backdrop of this crisis with job uncertainty looming we discussed taking our future into our own hands by setting up our own business. We didn’t know what exactly what this would be but knew it needed to be online rather than physical (traditional high street retail was being disrupted by lock downs) and had to be something we were passionate about.

We had both studied creative subjects at University; Architecture and Design but somehow ended up working in Accounting and Finance which “paid the bills” but definitely didn’t scratch the creative itch. We worried if setting up from scratch in our mid 40’s was a risk too far.

In the end we decided to take the plunge and start selling personalised gifts online; we knew the market was saturated and to compete we would need to be exceptional.

First we needed a name…

I think we all love butterflies; they are small, beautiful and make us happy. It also one of the few creatures with the ability to transform itself.

We felt Butterfly was the perfect name for a business creating beautiful gifts to mark the key moments in people’s lives when they too ‘transform’ - birth, graduation, marriage, anniversaries and so on.

So we invested in the best equipment from France and US, sourced the highest quality raw materials and consumables from around Europe, the most beautiful packaging we could find and set about creating a small range of very high quality personalised products for our customers.

We have one simple quality rule; just before packing a product we ask ourselves “would we be delighted to receive this as a gift?” Only if the answer is “yes” will it leave the studio.

Customer satisfaction is a number one priority, during busy periods we frequently work until the early hours preparing orders so they can ship the following morning. Be assured, we will do everything we can to try and exceed your expectations.

At the time of writing, we are four months in and feedback via Etsy and Butterfly.co.uk has been universally terrific. We thank each and every one of our customers for trusting us to help you celebrate your special occasions. You have given us the strength and encouragement to push on and see where this journey takes us.


Stay safe and best wishes

Glenn & Susan